Search for the best exchange rates in cities around the world from the convenience of your desktop or mobile

Looking for a good exchange rate? Get4x makes it easy for you to exchange currencies no matter where you are in the world. Get4x is far better than a currency converter as provides you with real cash exchange rates provided by licensed money changers in travel destinations around the world.

Easy to Access

Use Get4x on the web, iOS and Android. No matter where you are, or what device you are using, Get4x can help you to save time and money. Whether you are doing research before you travel at your office on your desktop, or trying to find a money changer near you on your mobile while you are travelling at your destination, Get4x takes the hard work out of checking exchange rates manually from each individual money exchange outlet. Just open up the app, select your currencies and search for the nearest money changer near you. Furthermore, Get4x is completely free to download and use.

Search Multiple Locations

Search for money changers around you in different destinations. Whether you are looking for exchange rates before you travel or after you arrive, Get4x gives you the option of doing the research beforehand by allowing you to search for money changers in Bali, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Mumbai, Phuket, Pattaya and Singapore. See if it would be cheaper to exchange cash before you travel in your city or after you arrive at your travel destination. Get4x is currently available in five countries and eight travel hubs, and we are constantly adding more popular travel locations.

Reduce Security Risk

Ensure that all your transactions are secure when you look for money changers through Get4x. All money changers that are listed on the Get4x platform are licensed cash dealers, so you never have to worry that you may be dealing with illegal money changing operations. Reduce the risk of receiving counterfeit notes by only exchanging cash with legal money changer businesses. Get4x verifies all the license numbers of money changers on our platform, so you can be sure that you are staying on the right side of the law.

Save More Time

Get4x saves you time on research when it comes to finding out more about exchange rates at different travel destinations by curating a recommended list of the best money changers in various travel destinations. This list of top money changers is based on a number of factors such as user reviews, frequency of updating exchange rates, as well as historically good rates. Get4x connects you to these money changers by providing you with their contact details so you can confirm a rate with them, pre-order your currency with them, avoid queues and ensure your cash is ready and waiting for you when you pick it up.

Arrange Convenient Pick-Up

Get4x is built for your convenience, so you can not only search through rates, but look through user ratings and reviews to select your preferred outlet for currency exchange. Get4x connects you directly with money changers by providing you with all the details you need to contact them, so you can reach out to these outlets to pre-order your currency, confirm a rate and pick it up at a specified agreed upon time slot of your choice. Through Get4x, you can see what other services these money changers offer that are useful to you or find out more about the various currency exchange regulations in each destination.

Enjoy Cost Savings

Exchange rates that you find online are usually mid-market rates, but Get4x shows you real cash exchange rates provided by money changers. Local licensed money changers tend to be cheaper than using your credit card, ATM or exchanging money at the bank or airport because of transactional fees, but due to various demand and supply factors, exchange rates at money changers can differ greatly. Get4x lists all these varying exchange rates in different travel destinations so you can quickly compare exchange rates offered by different money changers to see how much you save each time.