You Have 1000 HKD  -   You Get 127.99426585689 USD
Hui's Brothers - Ka Wing Bldg - Get4x
Real Forex and Remittances - Get4x
Shing Kee Money Exchange - Kam Hong Bldg - Get4x
Shing Kee Money Exchange - Champion Bldg - Get4x
Rui Feng Money Changer - Get4x
Si Fang Money Changer - Get4x
Pacific Exchange - Back Office - Get4x
United Asia Exchange ltd - Get4x
Tai on RMB Remittance Company Limited - Get4x
Hui's Brothers Exchange Remittance - Tsuen Wan - Get4x
Kin Shing Money Exchange Co Ltd-  Tsim Sha Tsui - Get4x
Tradewaves Money Exchange - Get4x
Hong Kong Crown Exchange Ltd - Get4x
Yong Fu Money Exchange - Get4x
Ngau Kee Money Changer - Get4x
Great Luck Money Exchange - Get4x
Jem Lei Dat Money Exchange - Get4x
City Foreign Exchange - Tai Po - Get4x
City Foreign Exchange - Central - Get4x
City Foreign Exchange - Ma On Shan - Get4x