You Have 1000 HKD  -   You Get 837.71 CNY
Chung Shing Money Exchange Co - Get4x
King Chi Money Exchange - Wan Chai - Get4x
Hang Fung Foreign Remittance Company - Wan Chai - Get4x
San Hing Hong Foreign Currency Exchange - Get4x
Real Forex and Remittances - Get4x
Kincheng Exchange - Get4x
EasyPass HK - Get4x
Kin Shing Exchange Limited- Kai Yin Mansion - Get4x
King Chi Money Exchange - Tsim Sha Tsui - Get4x
Kong Hing Renminbi Exchange (Remit) Ltd - North Point - Get4x
Singh Exchange Limited - Get4x
Expro Limited - Get4x
Hong Kong Crown Exchange Ltd - Get4x
Capital Exchange Limited - Get4x
United Asia Exchange ltd - Get4x
Tradewaves Money Exchange - Get4x
Metro Top Holdings Ltd Shop 88 - Get4x
Shere Punjab Exchange (HK) Limited - Get4x
Excellence Foreign Exchange - Get4x
center beach co. ltd. - Get4x